Živko Kondić

Among other things and different hobbies, I am a visual artist and illustrator. On the internets you can find me under "zhille" and "zhillustrator". I am living and working in Novi Sad, Serbia, a nice, slow-paced city, which I inhabit since high school.

I post my original artwork mostly, so I'd appreciate if you give my work some love and follow me!
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  • Kharn the Betrayer, a speedpainting/sketch. Živko Kondić 2014, personal work.

    Kharn is one bad mothafucka from the Warhammer 40,000 universe, I chose to paint him to practice that kind of stuff. I’m taking my babysteps and it’s very rough and loose, took me about three hours to get it to this stage, but I had much fun.

    Share, like, follow me at http://zhille.tumblr.com, http://www.facebook.com/zhillustrator etc. more links on my tumblr homepage.

    Prints by Živko Kondić on Artflakes - http://www.artflakes.com/en/shop/zhille

    I wanted to share some of my prints and posters you can buy online, I hope some of you get it in some form, it helps me a lot. They deliver worldwide, based in Europe. Also, sharing this helps a bunch and I love you for it! :D

    You can request a piece if you find something you like here or on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/zhillustrator , I can upload it to Artflakes or INPRNT. And soon PayPal begins to work in Serbia fully, so I’ll get it to some better sites too.


    Love, Živko.

    Kitteh and his warrior pet spidercentaur. :D Živko Kondić, personal work, 2014.

    This is my entry for a Mischief challenge. Mischief is an awesome piece of software I adopted in my workflow, and I’m liking it more and more. Infinite canvas, infinize zoom, it’s really useful. You can find out more and get your 15 day trial at www.madewithmischief.com or see stuff other people made on madewithmischief.tumblr.com so I don’t have to bore you. It’s a good $60 investment.

    I actually won a free license on the challenge, but I already have a license and I’ll be giving it away probably.

    If you like it, feel free to share, like, reblog. Follow me at http://zhille.tumblr.com and http://www.facebook.com/zhillustrator for more stuff, more links on my tumblr homepage.

    Warrior 2, personal work, Živko Kondić 2014.

    Another grayscale warrior illustration, this one less contrasting and extreme than the previous, I tried to keep myself from not using much of the extreme values on this one.

    Made with Mischief completely, only the background is touched up in PS as Mischief lacks nice soft brushes/texture. File size: 1,72mb in Mischief.

    Thanks for liking and re-blogging! Follow me at http://zhille.tumblr.com and http://www.facebook.com/zhillustrator, more links on my tumblr homepage!

    Warrior, personal work, Živko Kondić 2014.

    A sketch I took further during downtime. Looking nice for something out of comfort zone. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I’d rather make something new than refining this more. :D Tools: Mischief, Black Ink and Photoshop. 

    Print available on ArtFlakes: http://www.artflakes.com/en/products/warrior-35

    Help me out by reblogging, buying my prints/posters, I have some more stuff on Artflakes. I really appreciate it, I’m so lousy at marketing my stuff. :D

    "Behold", mixed media, personal work, Živko Kondić 2014.

    Some mixed media work I really enjoyed. It really helps to escape to something different than the stuff I draw for work. Maybe it gets more work, maybe not, I like the way it looks now. Painted digitally over a traditional sketch.

    Print ready on Artflakes: http://www.artflakes.com/en/products/behold and locally.

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    Zhille's Print Shop!.

    I’ve opened a print shop at ArtFlakes. I’m really surprised by the ease of process and it seems they do their stuff really profesionally. :) Go buy my stuff, need gold for a Cintiq. :D More stuff will be posted in the shop really soon!

    The only downside is that they have a limit of 25MB for images. :( But you can fit a lot of awesome in 25MB!


    More speedpaints, June 2014.
    Personal work. Živko Kondić 2014.

    Still managing to find some free time to have some fun speedpainting, I like to think I’m advancing a bit, a lot more to do.

    My links: 

    Tumblr - http://zhille.tumblr.com
    Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/zhillustrator 
    Behance - http://be.net/zhille
    Artstation - http://www.artstation.com/artist/zhille 
    DrawCrowd - http://drawcrowd.com/zhille 
    Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/zhillustrator
    Deviantart profile - http://zilekondic.deviantart.com 
    Flickr photostream - http://www.flickr.com/photos/zhillustrator 

    AEON7 - The Passing, revisited. Login page background artwork for our upcoming browser game. Find out more at www.facebook.com/aeonsevenhub,

    I spent some time to update the image.

    Share if you like, I’d appreciate it a lot. :D Follow me at http://www.facebook.com/zhillustrator http://zhille.tumblr.com http://be.net/zhille

    Speedpaintings - Edge Citadel, Shadow Order, Unstoppable Corpse
    Personal work, gotta practice. :) All topics from Super Speedpainting Funtimes, but I submitted only the first two because of time rules. Živko Kondić June 2014.

    These were made mostly with my rectangular brush, no photoref/plate(obviously :D)

    Follow me on http://www.facebook.com/zhillustrator or http://drawcrowd.com/zhille or http://www.facebook.com/zhillustrator or etc etc. :D

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