Živko Kondić

Among other things and different hobbies, I am a visual artist and illustrator. On the internets you can find me under "zhille" and "zhillustrator". I am living and working in Novi Sad, Serbia, a nice, slow-paced city, which I inhabit since high school.

I post my original artwork mostly, so I'd appreciate if you give my work some love and follow me!
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  • Some thumbnails from my sketchbook. 2014.

    Battling comfort zones. :D These were drawn with ink only, no pencil, to practice committing to a drawing with no undo. They are around 2-3cm high, made with 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5 ink pens, black and white gel pen, a red sharpie, an almost depleted Prismacolor Ice Gray 3&5, a yellow-green highlighter.

    It’s nice to get off the PC to draw from time to time.

    Kind of a mutated dragon thing, a 2hr speedpainting. Živko Kondić 2014, personal work.

    I was testing out a brush I made, and continued on an idea. I don’t really paint dragons, I am battling with comfort zones. :) There are a few really nice moments on the image. :)

    My links: 
    Tumblr - http://zhille.tumblr.com,
    Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/zhillustrator, 
    Behance - http://be.net/zhille, 
    CGHub - http://zhille.cghub.com/, 
    Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/zhillustrator/, 
    Deviantart profile - http://zilekondic.deviantart.com 
    Flickr photostream - http://www.flickr.com/photos/zhillustrator/. 

    "Only gingers get to call gingers gingers". Try and tease this guy for having red hair and beard.

    Something different from me. I don’t know what happened, I usually really rarely draw or paint characters and people as that is my weak point. This one actually turned out really well, I’m kind of surprised. :D

    On the other note, I really like redhaired people, and I wish that every time a redhaired kid gets molested by cretin kids in school this guy materializes and kicks the bully’s but. :D

    "Molten", a speedpainting. 50 minutes. Feb 13th 2014.
    Živko Kondić, personal work.

    30 minute version. I’ve been blocked on Dally Spitpaint but one of their themes inspired it: “so many tubes”.

    I kind of like the atmosphere, it has a painterly feel to it. I see some possible improvements, recoloring the ship in front to better blend it into the picture for example, but for a 50 minute speedpaint of which I spent the last 15-20 minutes tweaking color and contrast mostly, it’s OK, worthy of continuance.

    My links, feel free to follow me: Tumblr, Facebook page, CGhub, Behance.

    "Construction yard", speedpainting, Živko Kondić 2014., for Daily Spitpaint FB group. 

    Abandoned construction yard inspired by oldschool SF masters. I breached the time limit on this but I’m really happy how it turned out. 35 minutes, Photoshop.

    EDIT: I was apparently banned from the group for the rule break… :((( Bring me baaack, I’m really sorry! But in the end, I understand.

    On CGHub,

    February 2014. spitpaint. Photoshop 30 minute speedpaintings.

    I’ve managed to find some time for doing the very much liked Daily Spitpaint challenges. I’m not really a fast painter, I hope this will help me get better at it. Not to bore people to death with sketches, I’ll put up several at the same time, even though I really like the first one, I’ll probably upload it later as a separate image.

    Until next time. :)

    AEON7 - “The Seed Gate”, a digital lore painting.
    Živko Kondić 2014, for AEON7, a browser based strategy game.

    “The Seed Gate” is a monumental structure, designed and built by the Republic as an ultimate conquering weapon. It was designed as a warp gate system that could create and sustain wormholes with a fixed exit point without a need for a second connecting gate. Due to enormous Lyo requisite, the project was scrapped after it was built and hailed a success by the Republic even though it never got tested. In the final weeks before the Passing the gates were used by the Republic as a last resort, and at great cost, to reach and create a foothold in an uninhabited galaxy.

    More updates soon, I am really glad I can finally share some new digital art for A7.

    You can follow me on Facebook, CGHub, etc, more links on my Tumblr page

    Every interaction is appreciated!

    EDIT: This image brought me my first ever Daily Deviation selection. Nice. :)

    Another big format print in the works.

    I’ve selected another digital illustration to try and sell locally. Printed out nicely on matte paper, with black and white matte-board 6cm wide.

    100cm wide in total, these are waiting for buyers to get fully framed. If you’re from Serbia or a neighboring country, it will cost you around 100€+shipping costs. You get to choose if you want to make the matte thinner, and you can also choose the color of the frame and the type of glass(glossy/matt).

    My links: http://zhille.tumblr.com, http://www.facebook.com/zhillustrator, http://zhille.cghub.com/, http://zilekondic.deviantart.com, http://be.net/zhille. Follow me on teh interwebs!

    My modest best of 2013

    I had to do this too. :D I wish I had more notes and all, but for someone who just posts original art mostly unnoticed, it’s good. Except for #1 with 7k notes hah, that went on Radar one day and it’s more than decent. :) Now when I see it, it’s really, really random in style.

    I edited the list to show descending from the best performed post.

    1. 7223 notes
    2. 72 notes
    3. 43 notes
    4. 42 notes
    5. 33 notes
    6. 31 notes
    7. 22 notes
    8. 20 notes
    9. 16 notes
    10. 11 notes
    11. 9 notes
    12. 4 notes

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    Happy New Year!

    I wish to say happy new year to all of you in advance. :) I hope you’ll have a better time than me. I really didn’t even try to make any arrangements. Alone time is OK too, I must make up for all those days I stayed working too long.

    2013. was a good year, I had my first exhibition, I learned a lot, grown to be a better artist. It had it’s downs but they don’t matter much. The year was maybe filled with alone time more than I wanted, as I was a little too introverted. Nevertheless, I am OK with that. I am not really one who will hang out anywhere and with anyone, or at all. Socially, I am very reserved.

    Support and comments from people liking my stuff really helped me feel better, thanks for all the likes and reblogs, they really bring smiles. :)

    A quick birdie scarfdoodle for fun. :D This kind of scarf is associated with grandmas in this part of Europe so a bunch of my friends found it funny.

    The photo is not mine, only the painted stuff. I found the pic here on Tumblr and forgot to copy the source and now I don’t remember who posted it so I can check out the source.

    The bird is so adorable, really, such a nice job, original photographer whoever you are. I hope you like the “there, I fixed it” part. :)

    Can someone please let me know who’s photo is this so I can source it?

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